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Service checks ensures high operational reliability

Regular service checks at Norlax keep the machinery running. .

Making sure that the fish processing machinery keeps performing can save processing companies from costly breakdowns. A service visit can make the difference. Norlax in Denmark is convinced that it does for their production.

Highly competent business partner

The Danish fish processing company Norlax has a 14-year-old skinning machine from Norbech that processes around 10,000 sides of salmon every day – almost non-stop. One of the reasons for the operational reliability is the annual service check of processing equipment which Norbech offers its customers.

In the cold stores at Norlax in Outrup, in the southwestern part of Jutland, meter high stacks of boxes with raw salmon from Norway are waiting to be processed. The process from whole fish to fillet ends at the skinning machine, which has processed tons of salmon and trout every working day since 2008 – with only few operational issues. The skinning machine and the other processing equipment are operating in a challenging environment of salt and water.

20 tons a day

Technical Manager at Norlax, Lars Nielsen, describes how around 10,000 sides of salmon, totalling to 20 tons, are skinned daily. But even though the production will not stop if the skinning machine should fail shortly, the operational reliability is much appreciated in the daily operation at the factory.

Service pays

“I have no doubt that without the annual Norbech service checks, we could have challenges every week. Worn cogwheels, chains, or bushings cause backlash, and consequently operational problems. But the operational reliability is high with us, though,” says Lars Nielsen.

“The annual service check takes place during the summer holidays, where all vital parts are replaced. Apart from this, Norlax always keeps two motors and two gearboxes and some bushings in stock, so they can be replaced immediately, if required,” Lars Nielsen continues.

From his point of view, it does not pay to have an extra skinning machine available if they have a break down, because they rarely have any problems. Therefore, the costs of the annual service are money well spent.

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