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Thawing system

Norbech thawing system for thawing fish.

Automatic thawing of fish

The system thaws the fish until it reaches a core temperature of -1 °C. Then it starts cooling to keep the fish cold until it is further processed, ensuring a fresh fish from the start.

Each tank can contain 6000 kg of fish.

The system can be made in accordance with customer needs, depending on the chosen cooling and heating system.


The tank is equipped with an adjustable level control

The tank consists of four center compartments and two end compartments…

The thawing process is controlled by different parameters. The system learns how to best thaw the fish and stores a best practice for future processes.

Technical specifications

Capacity 6000 kg
Capacity – 4 center compartments 760 kg /unit
Capacity – end compartments 1480 kg/unit
Fish / water ratio pr. tank, 6000 kg 1:2


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