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Filleting machine FR-9000

Norbech filleting machine FR-9000.

Filleting with maximum yield in every fish

The automatic machine uses a high-speed programmable logic controller to individually measure the length of each fish as it enters the machine. Using this measurement, the FR-9000 can adjust the cutting parameters according to a pre-selected cut value, and thereby obtain maximum yield in each fish.

The Filleting Machine FR-9000 uses three sets of circular blades to remove the backbone: two on the top and one below resulting in an extremely high yield product. After removal of the backbone, a set of reciprocating blades carefully remove the rib, allowing you to achieve high quality fillets with a smooth, and undamaged appearance.

The versatile FR-9000 features options for a complete rib removal or for rib-in fillets by simply preselecting a cut value on the user-friendly interface.

The Fish Filleting Machine FR-9000 can process a variety of species within the range of 2-10 kg including salmon, snapper, and grouper up to a maximum height of ten inches.

The machine also has the mechanical advantage of not gaping the fillets, even on soft fillets.

The machine easily works with both post and pre rigor fillets.

As with all Norbech machines, the Filleting machine FR-9000 is easy to operate and programme, and with the innovative and robust design, it is easily maintained.


The FR-9000 features a microprocessor that controls and measures every fish to obtain extra high yields.

The computer also has the advantage of being easy to programme for the machine to cut either C-trimmed fillets or a full trim with belly fat off.


  • ABA system (Advanced Blade Adjustment)

Technical specifications

Capacity Up to 24 fish/min
Operators 1 person
Belt speed Variable
Water consumption 0 – 10 L/min
Air consumption 14 L/min at 6 – 7 bar
Power connection 3 x 400 V + PE, 50 Hz, 25 A*
Power consumption 6.0 kW
Net weight Approx. 450 kg
Weight export Approx. 630 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2330 x 1050 x 1300 mm


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