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Complete vacuum system


Efficient vacuuming of removed pin bones

The system efficiently vacuums up pin bones and water, leaving both the fillet and the automatic pin bone remover clean and ready for processing. The Vacuum System removes approximately 90% of the water and bones.


The system has a 300-liter Cyclone Tank for collection of water and pin-bones from the pin-bone remover. The Vacuum System automatically drains the tank when processing. It uses a mono pump for emptying the cyclone tank.  The mono pump design allows for emptying the cyclone while keeping vacuum on the system. This ensures constant suction at the rollers. Thus, there is no risk of backflow and contamination of the rollers. Pumping distance is up to 150 m. A plastic piping system connects the pin-bone machine to the cyclone tank.

It has a level sensor, an electronic control panel and an inspection door for easy cleaning access.

It Includes a rack for placement on the floor. Alternatively, the tank can be fitted onto the wall. Maximum distance from the pin-bone remover is 9-12 m.

For automatic cleaning of the pin bone rollers, vacuum suction heads are mounted on the roller heads.

Technical specifications

Operators None
Air consumption 10 L/min
Water consumption 4.8 L/min
Electrical connection 380/400 V


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