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De-scaler 800

Water de-scaler

Water de-scaler 800 made by Norbech.

Efficient water scaling machine

Water is an efficient and gentle way to de-scale a fish. The De-scaler 800 uses water pressure to gently de-scale the fish without damaging meat, eyes, or gills. At the same time, the use of water is an efficient bacteria remover, reducing listeria greatly on the surface of the fish and ensuring a clean fish and a clean processing line without compromising the average through-put time.

The automatic scaling machine has been created in a robust and hygienic design that makes it easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, it can be delivered with a single de-scaling section (800 SDS) or a double de-scaling section (800 DDS).

The de-scaler 800 SDS can be optimised to efficiently handle and de-scale small or slim fish. This feature is purchased as an option.  

The De-scaler 800 can also be used to de-slime the fish.


The De-scaler 800 uses rotating nozzles that apply water pressure onto the fish to remove the scales. After removal, the scale is transported to a rotating filter which separates the scale and the water, leaving the machine very easy to clean.

The scaling machine is easy to operate with few settings. As an extra feature, it is not possible to feed the machine wrongly.

The machine is OPC UA ready, making it easy to integrate the machine in existing data collection systems or to start collecting data.


  • Single or double de-scaling section
  • Guide for small fish
  • Chemical dosing unit for final disinfection of the fish
  • Automatic Rotary Filter for separation of scales and water.
  • De-sliming nozzles

Technical specifications

  800 SDS

800 DDS

Operators 1 person 1 person
Capacity 16-18 fish/min 24 – 27 fish/min
Fish size All sizes All sizes
Power supply 3 x 400/230 V
+ PE, IB = 42 A
3 x 400/230 V
+ PE, IB = 61 A
Water consumption 42 L/min at 3 Bar 84 L/min at 3 Bar
Water connection 3/4ʺ, 3 Bar 3/4ʺ, 3 Bar
Dimensions 3256 x 1696 x 1903mm 3746 x 1696 x 1903mm


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