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Skinning machines V1558 & V1658

Skinning machine V1558 from Norbech.

Double lane skinning machine for optimal capacity

The automatic skinning machine V1558 has a working width of 488 mm and the V1658 of 595 mm.

The robust skinning machine is easy to operate, and the skinning thickness can be easily adjusted.

The skinning options range from silver skinning and traditional skinning to deep skinning of fillets, pre and post rigor.


The machines have two pressing rollers that make it possible to process two fillets at the same time. The automatic skinning machines V1558 and V1658 can be provided with only one pressing roller to be used as single lane skinning machines.


  • One pressing roller for single lane use

Technical specifications

  V1558 V1658
Capacity Up to 50 fillets/min Up to 50 fillets/min
Working range, length 250 – 650 mm 250 – 650 mm
Working width 488 mm 595 mm
Height, infeed belt 850 mm 850 mm
Speed, infeed belt 17 m/min 17 m/min
Height, outfeed belt 731 mm 731 mm
Speed, outfeed belt 35 m/min 35 m/min
Water consumption 11 L/min 11 L/min
Power connection 3 x 400 V + PE, 50 Hz* 3 x 400 V + PE, 50 Hz*
Power consumption 1.2 kW 1.2 kW
Noise level 65 dB (A) 65 dB (A)

* Please contact our sales team for other power connection possibilities

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