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A shrimp ready to be processed at Norbech.

Until now, only certain shrimp and prawn species could be machine peeled, and it has not been possible to machine peel sea boiled shrimp.

We changed that.

And with it, enhanced the end product to have better taste and colour than ever. We have done so whilst making sure that you save money on water, floor space, operators, and maintenance.

You may call it revolutionary; we call it making sense.

Make it possible.
Make sense.

Our machinery for the shrimp and prawn industry is innovative. In the design process, we have taken into consideration the challenges and pains that our customers face and thought of ways to revolutionise the processes.

No fishy business. Just getting in touch.


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Service fitter at Norbech performing service on a Norbech shrimp processing machine.

Service & maintenance

We perform service on all Norbech processing machinery and equipment.

Contact us to book a service visit or to learn more about our service and spare parts solutions.

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